NXT Champ Carmelo Hayes Prefers Raw Over SmackDown for Future Call-Up


NXT Champ Carmelo Hayes Prefers Raw Over SmackDown for Future Call-Up

The current NXT Champion, Carmelo Hayes, engaged in an exclusive conversation with WWE Die Woche in the run-up to tonight's highly anticipated Battleground premium live event. This evening, he will be stepping into the ring to defend his title against a formidable opponent, Bron Breakker.

During this intriguing dialogue, Hayes faced an exciting query about his prospective move to WWE's main roster and his preference for a brand to affiliate with. His response, without a shadow of a doubt, leaned towards Monday Night Raw.

"If I were to receive a call-up to the main roster, my preference would likely be Raw," Hayes clarified. "I have nothing but respect for SmackDown and its talented roster, but I feel my presence could bring a fresh dynamic to Raw and, in return, the brand could potentially offer me vast growth opportunities."

Hayes Eyes Raw for Balance

Hayes explained that SmackDown's roster is already stacked with top-tier talent, making it a thriving but intensely competitive environment.

Hence, a move to Raw could provide a more balanced scenario for him to establish his presence. In the latter part of the interview, Hayes was asked to share his thoughts on which NXT talents he foresees significantly impacting the main roster.

Surprisingly, he named several already chosen during the recent WWE Draft. "I'd have to single out Grayson Waller as a talent to watch," Hayes declared. "It's not just because of our shared experiences or close working relationship.

It's his relentless drive, fiery passion, and absolute refusal to settle for anything less than the top spot. Given the right opportunities, Waller will grab the bull by the horns and see it through." Hayes further highlighted the exceptional talent of Zoey Stark, J.D.

McDonagh, and the Pretty Deadly duo, all of whom he believes will excel in the giant arena. "Numerous talented individuals have risen from NXT to WWE's main roster, and seeing their journey is exciting and fulfilling. I'm looking forward to how it all unfolds," Hayes concluded, marking the end of an insightful conversation.

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