Hulk Hogan recently shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns and WWE World Title reign

Legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan has recently lauded Roman Reigns' skills.

by Noman Rasool
Hulk Hogan recently shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns and WWE World Title reign

Hulk Hogan, the timeless wrestling icon, has acknowledged the undeniable talent of the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, known as "The Tribal Chief." In a recent conversation on "The MMA Hour," Hogan lauded Reigns' mastery of the more elusive aspects of professional wrestling, including timing, storytelling within matches, and the subtleties of facial expressions.

The topic of Reigns' prowess emerged when Hogan was questioned about the comparison between himself and Reigns, given that Reigns is currently the longest-reigning world champion in three decades. Hogan's admiration for Reigns was apparent as he emphasized the latter's understanding of the intricate aspects of wrestling.

Hogan Applauds Reigns' Wrestling Mastery

"Roman Reigns has it all figured out," Hogan declared. "Many wrestlers spend two or three decades in the business without truly understanding it. They're familiar with the industry but never fully grasp it.

On the other hand, Reigns has an astute understanding of placement and timing in the ring. His slow, methodical cadence is a testament to this." Despite his high praise for Reigns, Hogan was uncertain whether to place him on wrestling's metaphorical Mount Rushmore.

Regardless, he was convinced of one thing: had they both been in their physical primes, a matchup between them would have resulted in a significant financial windfall. "At the end of the day, if I were in my prime, and I squared off against Reigns, we would generate some serious revenue," Hogan confidently proclaimed.

In the same interview, Hogan candidly revealed that among current WWE programming, he typically only watches matches involving Reigns, Randy Orton, The Usos, Kevin Owens, and a select few others, choosing to "fast forward" through the rest.

On the flip side, Reigns, who grew up as an ardent fan of Bret Hart and wasn't mainly a "Hulkamaniac" in his younger years, respects Hogan's contribution to wrestling, especially from a financial perspective. He even included Hogan in his personal wrestling Mount Rushmore.

This mutual recognition and respect speak volumes about their commitment to and understanding of the art and business of professional wrestling.

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