WWE's Response to Women's Night of Champions Matches

Breaking barriers, WWE hosted three women's matches in Saudi Arabia.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE's Response to Women's Night of Champions Matches

This past Saturday, WWE Night of Champions unfolded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Three women's matches graced the event, marking a significant stride for WWE's dedication to inclusivity in its Saudi Arabian events. When WWE initially embarked on its Premium Live Events in Saudi Arabia with the Greatest Royal Rumble five years prior, the absence of women's matches due to regional regulations was palpable.

The second event, Crown Jewel, echoed this exclusion. However, to address the void, WWE launched the exclusive all- women's PLE, Evolution, merely a week before Crown Jewel. As WWE's influence expanded, it increasingly found ways to incorporate women's matches into its Saudi Arabian events.

Concessions were made on attire, ensuring the athletes were more covered than their US counterparts, in line with local customs.

Three Historic Victories at Night

At the recent Night of Champions, the first of three women's matches was between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch.

Zoey Stark's strategic interference led to Stratus's victory. The second match was a swift contest, lasting just over a minute, in which Rhea Ripley defeated Natalya to clinch the Smackdown Women's Championship, courtesy of Dominik Mysterio distracting Natalya.

Lastly, Asuka emerged victorious over Bianca Belair, ending her impressive 400+ day title reign to become the new Raw Women's Champion. PWInsiderElite's report revealed that including three women's matches at Night of Champions garnered considerable praise within the company.

Many expressed joy, recognizing it as an indication of the significant strides made since the inception of WWE's relationship with The Kingdom. The successful integration of women's matches into the Saudi Arabian event has generated enthusiasm for future regional WWE shows.

Although the exact date remains unconfirmed, the anticipation is rife for another WWE event to occur this fall, potentially in November. This growth in representation at WWE events in Saudi Arabia sets a precedent for further advancement and inclusivity in professional wrestling, demonstrating how far the sport has evolved.

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