Gangrel Admires Orange Cassidy; Reminisces 2019 Collaboration

Gangrel opens up about a memorable wrestling experience in GCW.

by Noman Rasool
Gangrel Admires Orange Cassidy; Reminisces 2019 Collaboration

The former leader of the iconic faction The Brood, Gangrel, reflected on his interactions with the reigning International Champion, Orange Cassidy, during his recent appearance on the In The Weeds podcast. Gangrel cast his mind back to 2019 when he shared the ring with the unique wrestler known as the King of Sloth Style at a Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) event.

Gangrel detailed how some more traditional roster members were not thrilled with Cassidy's unconventional wrestling style. They believed Cassidy was turning professional wrestling into a spectacle, downgrading the spirit of the sport.

Gangrel pointed out the irony in these criticisms, reflecting on his career where he played diverse roles, such as the Blackheart and a vampire. Gangrel said, "Those same critics must've had similar things to say when I debuted with fangs and a black mask, portraying the bastard son of Stu Hart.

They likely were equally critical of me as they are now of Orange Cassidy."

Gangrel Reflects on Cassidy's Evolution

While recalling the event, Gangrel acknowledged the sheer intensity of the event, noting a match featuring G-Raver that included excessive bloodshed and extreme wrestling elements.

In contrast, he recognized Cassidy's anticipation and nervousness in presenting his unique persona, but Gangrel was well aware of it. He revealed that he had shared the ring with Cassidy even before the birth of the Orange Cassidy character and knew firsthand about his wrestling prowess.

Regarding the specifics of their match, Gangrel remembered how a slightly anxious Cassidy asked him about the plans for their bout. The WWE legend emphasized his preference for incorporating Cassidy's comedic style into their match, asserting that their fight needed to differ from the blood-soaked spectacles that preceded them.

"He was nervous, unsure about our approach," Gangrel reminisced, "I assured him that his comedic style was precisely what we needed after the intense matches that had occurred earlier. I'm open to trying new things; it was the right decision. The crowd loved it."

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