WWE Responds, Seeks Dismissal of MLW's Amended Lawsuit


WWE Responds, Seeks Dismissal of MLW's Amended Lawsuit
WWE Responds, Seeks Dismissal of MLW's Amended Lawsuit

In a recent development, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has filed its response to Major League Wrestling's (MLW) amended lawsuit. MLW had previously accused WWE of engaging in anti-competitive practices and attempting to hinder its growth in the market.

The amended lawsuit contained additional details to substantiate MLW's claims, particularly regarding WWE's alleged efforts to monopolize the industry and obstruct MLW's distribution deals. According to court records obtained by PWInsider, WWE has presented several arguments in response to MLW's allegations.

One key point raised by WWE is that MLW's admissions contradict their claims. Specifically, MLW's admission of selling media rights to REELZ while criticizing WWE's contract with the streaming service undermines the argument made by MLW.

WWE further emphasized that MLW failed to provide substantial evidence regarding their product market, market share, and the alleged harm caused to the competition. WWE also highlighted that REELZ had acquired more content from MLW, indicating a positive working relationship between the two entities.

Furthermore, WWE pointed out that MLW had recently signed a significant agreement with FITE, a streaming platform, to broadcast their weekly program and premium live events. This is a notable example since WWE has yet to have a similar partnership with FITE.

WWE Seeks Dismissal of MLW's Lawsuit Amendments

In light of these arguments, WWE requests the court to prevent MLW from making any further amendments to the lawsuit. They argue that MLW needs to establish a federal cause of action adequately, and as a result, the remaining state law claims lack subject matter and jurisdiction.

The next hearing, in this case, is scheduled for June 15. This ongoing legal battle between WWE and MLW signifies the intense competition and challenges within the professional wrestling industry. As both companies strive to secure their positions in the market, the court's decision regarding the dismissal of MLW's claims will likely have significant implications for the future of both organizations.