Kurt Angle Predicts Roman Reigns' WWE Exit for Hollywood in 5 Years


Kurt Angle Predicts Roman Reigns' WWE Exit for Hollywood in 5 Years

In a surprising revelation, wrestling veteran Kurt Angle has shared his belief that current WWE Superstar Roman Reigns will bid farewell to the wrestling world and make a significant splash in Hollywood within the next five years.

Despite Reigns' ongoing dominance as the Universal and WWE Champion, Angle speculates on his inevitable transition into the realm of cinema. Reflecting on Reigns' remarkable three-year reign as the Universal Champion and his year-long stint as WWE Champion, Angle playfully suggested that "The Tribal Chief" might retain his title for another decade.

However, the decorated wrestler-turned-analyst holds a distinct vision for Reigns' future beyond the confines of the WWE ring.

Angle's Bold Prediction: Reigns' Hollywood Destiny

Angle confidently proclaimed, "Roman Reigns will not remain with the company for the next five years.

That individual is destined to become a colossal movie star." Angle continued, praising Reigns' striking appearance, immense talent, and remarkable intelligence, which, in his eyes, make the transition into Hollywood an inevitable and natural progression for the multi-talented Reigns.

While Reigns' filmography remains relatively modest, he has already dipped his toes into the film industry. In 2020, Reigns showcased his versatility in the romantic comedy "The Wrong Missy." The following year, he lent his voice to the character of Ramarilla Jackson in the animated sports comedy "Rumble." However, Reigns' most notable silver screen appearance to date came in the action-packed blockbuster "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw," where he portrayed Mateo Hobbs, the on-screen brother of Luke Hobbs, played by none other than Reigns' real-life cousin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

As Johnson has successfully transitioned from wrestling to Hollywood, speculation now abounds regarding Reigns following in his cousin's illustrious footsteps. As wrestling fans eagerly await Reigns' potential departure from the squared circle, the question lingers: Will Reigns replicate the triumphs of his cousin in the entertainment industry? Only time will tell if Reigns' star power and magnetic presence propel him toward a fruitful career on the silver screen.

While WWE enthusiasts remain captivated by Reigns' captivating in-ring performances and unparalleled dominance, Angle's foresight provides a tantalizing glimpse into a potential future where Reigns captivates audiences inside the wrestling ring and on the grand stages of Hollywood.

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