Kaitlyn and AJ Lee Admit to Intentionally Exceeding Payback 2013 Match Time

Unearthing intriguing dynamics from a legendary WWE face-off.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kaitlyn and AJ Lee Admit to Intentionally Exceeding Payback 2013 Match Time

In Spring of 2013, Kaitlyn and her ex-ally, AJ Lee, were entangled in a bitter feud within the WWE universe. A long-standing rivalry culminated with WWE announcing that Kaitlyn would have to defend her Divas Championship against Lee at the Payback pay-per-view event in June of that year.

In a match lasting close to ten minutes, Lee emerged victorious. Kaitlyn has revealed that this was longer than their initially allocated time slot. During a recent episode of the "Muscle Memory" podcast, Kaitlyn — whose real name is Celeste Bonin — she has delved into the intricacies of her Payback face-off with Lee.

As she delved into the nuances of that match, she unveiled how they conspired to extend their match duration in real time.

Overstepping Boundaries at Payback

Kaitlyn divulged, "Indeed, we exceeded our allotted time in that match, and remember, it's a pay-per-view event.

It's generally not advisable to do so, but AJ made the decision." The referee had issued a warning, indicating they were running out of time, but AJ insisted on continuing. Kaitlyn added, "I complied, indicating I was with her.

At that juncture, we pledged to weather any storm, whatever might come." Kaitlyn's narrative underscored their deep commitment to the storyline they were portraying, which stemmed from the tremendous effort they had invested leading up to the match.

They were determined not to compromise the narrative by truncating the match. Despite the initial directive to wrap up the match earlier, Kaitlyn and Lee trusted their instincts and made a spontaneous decision to stretch the game out.

After the dust settled and Lee has crowned the new Divas Champion, Kaitlyn recollected feeling trepidation regarding the potential backlash from the backstage contingent. However, the aftermath was surprisingly devoid of malice.

John Cena, the reigning WWE Champion at the time, lauded their audaciousness while gently reminding them not to overstep their time limit during pay-per-view events. This unexpected turn of events, Kaitlyn's revelation, has shed new light on the behind-the-scenes machinations of WWE's Payback 2013 event.

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