Cody Rhodes Challenges Lesnar to Rematch, Reveals Night of Champions Controversy

Cody Rhodes sends a bold message to Brock Lesnar, challenging him to a rematch.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Challenges Lesnar to Rematch, Reveals Night of Champions Controversy

During the latest episode of "WWE Raw" on May 29, Rhodes made his way to the ring, his arm encased in a substantial brace, visibly showcasing the aftermath of the relentless assault inflicted by Lesnar just days prior. Reflecting on their storied encounters, Rhodes emphasized that while their series stood at an even 1-1, with Rhodes emerging victorious at Backlash and Lesnar claiming triumph at Night of Champions, he steadfastly maintained that he never succumbed to Lesnar's kimura lock during their rematch in Saudi Arabia.

With conviction, Rhodes began, "Many believed I was foolish to face Brock Lesnar with one functional hand. They called me crazy for not tapping out, but there's a reason behind my decision. I chose not to tap out because that's not the man I strive to be.

Perhaps years ago, I may have made a different choice."

"Rhodes Lays Down the Gauntlet to Lesnar"

Seizing the opportunity, Rhodes proceeded to outline his upcoming schedule, including WWE live event dates, as he fearlessly issued a challenge to Lesnar.

In doing so, he taunted Lesnar for his part-time status and tendency to take "annual vacations," while Rhodes and others tirelessly dedicate themselves to the company's cause. Directly addressing Lesnar, Rhodes asked, "Brock Lesnar, are you satisfied with our rivalry ending?" He swiftly followed with an open challenge, daring Lesnar to face him at any time and place.

In a sarcastic tone, Rhodes teased Lesnar, hoping he possessed the means to access social media or cable in Saskatchewan, as he intended to disclose his complete schedule later that week. With conviction, Rhodes declared, "If I step into a ring, I stand there ready to fight you, Brock Lesnar!" In a parting shot, Rhodes boldly proclaimed, "Brock Lesnar fears Cody Rhodes." Lesnar is not advertised for the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event in London on July 1.

Still, plans could change in the weeks ahead, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the potential clash between these fierce competitors.

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