WWE Execs Respond to Triple Women's Clash at Night of Champions


WWE Execs Respond to Triple Women's Clash at Night of Champions
WWE Execs Respond to Triple Women's Clash at Night of Champions

In a monumental shift for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), three women's matches were staged at the Night of Champions event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As per a report, company officials expressed significant satisfaction with this development.

Hosted this past Saturday, Night of Champions marked a pivotal moment in WWE's evolution in Saudi Arabia by showcasing three women's bouts, two of which were championship matches. This move speaks volumes about the progress WWE has made in incorporating women's matches in their Saudi Arabian shows, a stark contrast from the inaugural Greatest Royal Rumble five years ago when no women's matches were permitted due to prevailing Saudi laws.

Similarly, the second WWE Premium Live Event (PLE) in Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel, did not feature women's matches. In response, WWE strategically held the first all-women's PLE, Evolution, a week earlier. Over time, WWE has successfully pushed boundaries and negotiated the inclusion of more women's matches at Saudi events.

Albeit, these matches require a deviation in the women's attire, necessitating more body coverage compared to US shows in respect of local customs.

Night of Champions: Women's Triumphs

At Night of Champions, the first women's match saw wrestling veteran Trish Stratus triumph over Becky Lynch, courtesy of interference from Zoey Stark.

In a swift contest lasting just over a minute, Rhea Ripley seized the Smackdown Women's Championship from Natalya after a timely distraction by Dominik Mysterio. Furthermore, Asuka dethroned Bianca Belair, concluding Bianca's impressive 400+ day reign as the Raw Women's Champion.

According to PWInsiderElite, the successful staging of three women's matches at Night of Champions delighted many within the company, illustrating how much has been achieved since WWE's inception of its relationship with The Kingdom.

WWE anticipates holding another event in Saudi Arabia later this year, likely in November, although no official date has been confirmed. The continued emphasis on women's matches solidifies WWE's commitment to progress and equal representation in its global events.

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