Fans Cry Foul as Popular Duo Snubbed for Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler on WWE RAW


Fans Cry Foul as Popular Duo Snubbed for Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler on WWE RAW

In a surprising turn of events, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler emerged victorious last night on WWE RAW, clinching the highly coveted WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. However, their triumph has left some fans disheartened, as they strongly believe that the dynamic duo of Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville deserved the title.

The journey to this momentous match began when Rousey and Baszler made their long-awaited return to the red brand, instantly making an impact by ambushing Raquel Rodriguez during Liv Morgan's absence. Due to Morgan's unfortunate injury, Rodriguez and Morgan were forced to relinquish their tag team title, setting the stage for a thrilling Fatal-4-Way showdown at RAW after Night of Champions.

Putting their formidable skills to the test, Rousey and Baszler overcame three other complex teams to capture the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship for the first time as a unit. However, the outcome has sparked an outpouring of disappointment from a section of passionate fans who firmly believed that Green and Deville should have been crowned the rightful champions.

Fans point to the captivating charisma and seamless chemistry displayed by Green and Deville as the main factors that should have propelled them to victory.

Shayna Baszler Reigns Supreme: Three Championship Victories

Notably, Baszler's teammate, Shayna Baszler, now boasts three impressive WWE Women's Tag Team Championship victories.

The Queen of Spades initially burst onto the scene in 2020 on Monday Night RAW, setting her sights on the formidable Becky Lynch. Baszler showcased her dominance by triumphing over Lynch and Bayley in a gripping Champions Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series 2019.

While Baszler fell short in her pursuit of the RAW Women's Championship against Lynch at WrestleMania 36, she continued to make waves by forming a successful alliance with Nia Jax. Together, they dominated the tag team division, clinching the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship for the second time after defeating the formidable duo of Asuka and Charlotte Flair.

However, the partnership ended unexpectedly when Jax was released from the company, and Baszler found herself drafted into the blue brand. Last year, Baszler forged a powerful bond with the enigmatic Ronda Rousey, who had recently embraced her villainous persona.

As Women's Tag Team Champions, their ultimate goal is establishing an unassailable reign of dominance within the WWE. With the controversies surrounding their recent victory, Rousey and Baszler now face the added challenge of proving themselves worthy of their prestigious titles.

As the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the next chapter in this captivating saga, it remains to be seen how Rousey and Baszler will respond to the clamor of disenchanted fans and whether they can solidify their status as true champions of the women's tag team division.

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