Ex-WWE Champion Currently Excluded from Creative Planning

Braun Strowman faces an unexpected setback in his wrestling career.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Champion Currently Excluded from Creative Planning

Braun Strowman, a premier talent of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is currently sidelined due to an injury that has abruptly removed him from the organization's creative planning and operations. Strowman, a powerhouse in the ring, was placed on the injury list barely a month ago after a concussion.

The incident occurred during an electrifying episode of Friday Night SmackDown, where he partnered with the high-flying Ricochet to secure a hard-fought victory over The Viking Raiders. Unfortunately, Strowman's concussion necessitated his removal from subsequent house shows to ensure proper recovery and rehabilitation.

Recently, Pro Wrestling Insider, a renowned publication in the wrestling community, reported that Strowman has once again been added to the injured list. The report mentioned that he is presently classified as disabled, with no exact timeframe for his anticipated recovery.

Indications suggest that it might not be in the immediate future, thus affecting the WWE's creative plans for this remarkable athlete.

Strowman's Injury Affecting WWE Creatives

While the specific nature of Strowman's injury remains undisclosed, its significance can be surmised from his absence in the creative brainstorming processes.

It's also been speculated that Strowman may require surgical intervention, although this detail still needs to be officially confirmed. The last time Strowman enthralled the WWE Universe with his in-ring performance was on the 1st of May, 2023, during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

This event marked the second night of the much-anticipated WWE Draft, wherein the red brand chose him. During that match, Strowman teamed up with Ricochet again in what proved to be one of the only two performances between his initial concussion and this unfortunate subsequent injury.

Strowman's career trajectory with WWE has been a rollercoaster. After a theatrical release that shocked fans and pundits, he was brought back to the WWE fold under the guidance of Triple H, an iconic figure and executive. The WWE Universe eagerly anticipates Strowman's return, as he remains integral to the organization's future.

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