Carmella and Corey Graves Set to Feature on The Tamron Hall Show

WWE star Carmella takes a stand on the miscarriage taboo.

by Noman Rasool
Carmella and Corey Graves Set to Feature on The Tamron Hall Show

The WWE wrestling sphere is abuzz as superstars Carmella and Corey Graves are slated to feature on "The Tamron Hall Show" this coming Wednesday. The announcement, made via the talk show's social media channels, has generated considerable excitement among their fans and followers.

A sneak peek into the forthcoming episode suggests that this dynamic wrestling duo will delve into their challenges together, most notably their journey toward Carmella's expected maternity. In a teaser video clip, Tamron Hall expressed her anticipation, stating, "Carmella and Corey Graves, renowned WWE stars, are now embracing a new role - that of soon-to-be parents.

Join us as we explore their thrilling journey to parenthood on the next Tamron Hall."

"Carmella's Advocacy Against Miscarriage Stigma"

Carmella has previously made headlines for her candidness surrounding her tragic experiences with miscarriages.

Last year, she suffered two such losses. In a significant step towards addressing the stigma around miscarriages, Carmella has become a vocal advocate for other couples dealing with similar heart-wrenching experiences. On a recent "Good Morning America" appearance, she expressed her resolve to raise awareness about this frequently silenced subject.

"Many couples opt to remain silent on miscarriages, wrongly shamed by an event that's not their fault, nor within their control," Carmella shared during her interview. Before the announcement of her pregnancy, Carmella took a sudden hiatus from WWE programming due to undisclosed health issues.

This departure led to a shakeup in the scheduled events. Initially, Carmella was set to partner with Chelsea Green in the highly anticipated fatal four-way tag team match at WrestleMania 39. Instead, Sonya Deville stepped in as Green's partner following Carmella's departure.

This adjustment was revealed in the March 20th episode of "WWE Raw" when Adam Pearce told Green in a behind-the-scenes segment that "Carmella was unavailable" to participate in a WrestleMania Showcase qualifying match. This opened the door for Green and Deville's new tag team partnership.

With the last sighting of "Princess Of Staten Island" dating back to March 13, the WWE universe eagerly awaits Carmella's return.

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