Tony Schiavone Discloses End Date of His AEW Tenure, Signals No Intent to Join WWE

Tony Schiavone discusses his future in AEW and WWE.

by Noman Rasool
Tony Schiavone Discloses End Date of His AEW Tenure, Signals No Intent to Join WWE

In a recent installment of the well-regarded "What Happened When" podcast, host Conrad Thompson humorously suggested that Tony Schiavone had been bestowed a "lifetime contract" by AEW CEO Tony Khan in recognition of his loyalty since the company's inception.

However, Schiavone quickly provided a more grounded perspective, revealing that his contractual obligations to AEW will conclude in April 2024. Schiavone quickly clarified Thompson's playful insinuation, saying, "That's a blatant untruth unless my life concludes by April next year.

There's no guarantee of my contract renewal. That's how I've always navigated my life: without guarantees. As Klondike Bill once advised me, 'The job is a day-to-day thing, Tony.' That's the philosophy I've carried with me."

Tony Schiavone Firmly Rejects WWE Return

Furthermore, Schiavone, whose career includes a short stint with WWE between 1989 and 1990, expressed his lack of interest in returning to the Stamford-based organization, regardless of the potential financial incentives.

In his words, "In the Schiavone household, it's well-established my wife Lois has emphatically stated that if I even entertain the idea of going to WWE, she'll file for divorce!" While Schiavone did not delve into his wife's rationale behind her vehement stand, it's plausible that the demanding schedule of being a WWE announcer could be a significant deterrent.

In prior interviews, Schiavone has spoken positively of his brief tenure with WWE, even going so far as to describe that period as his "best year in pro wrestling" and noted the strong rapport he established with Vince McMahon.

As AEW gears up to debut "AEW Collision" on Saturday, June 17, Schiavone's role in the broadcast team remains a topic of interest. Currently, Schiavone provides color commentary for "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Rampage." In addition, he hosts the YouTube preview show "Control Center" weekly. His continued presence in AEW will undoubtedly be a matter to watch as his contract expires.

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