Mick Foley's Legacy: Impact of The Undertaker on His Career


Mick Foley's Legacy: Impact of The Undertaker on His Career

Mick Foley, one of the most endeared figures in professional wrestling, whose storied career has led him to the WWE Hall of Fame and multiple WWE Championship titles, has recently shared candid thoughts about his legacy. The wrestling icon notably remarked that his esteemed reputation might not have been the same without The Undertaker.

Speaking on his podcast, "Foley Is Pod," he expressed deep gratitude towards The Undertaker. "I'll go out of my way to thank him," he confessed, adding, "Without him, I think I'd just be a respected hand in the business." This humble self-assessment reflects The Undertaker's profound impact on Foley's career trajectory.

Undertaker's Impact on Foley's Career

The two legends shared some of the most unforgettable confrontations in WWE history. Foley, known as the "Hardcore Legend," The Undertaker, or "The Deadman," clashed in epic matches that left indelible marks on the WWE universe.

However, ahead of their faceoff at the King of the Ring 1996 event, Foley confessed he thought he was simply there to "do the honors," expecting to move down the wrestling ladder subsequently. In a surprising twist, Foley said, "I had to do a double-take when he [The Undertaker] goes over the finish, and we were off to the races, brother." The outcome of that event changed everything for Foley.

Thanks to his signature move, the Mandible Claw, he triumphed over The Undertaker. This stunning victory immediately elevated his status in the eyes of WWE fans. From that moment, Foley noted, it was "off to the races," marking the launch of their long-term rivalry.

Foley was noticeably absent from The Undertaker's Hall of Fame speech, yet the respect between these two wrestling titans is mutual and unshaken. Foley sincerely believes their collaborations in the ring have created timeless classics, saying, "Thank you, Undertaker, for everything you've done for me." Reflecting on his career, Foley confidently asserts that their work together will "outlive the test of time." The iconic rivalry between Foley and The Undertaker, marked by their ferocious battles and mutual respect, has shaped Foley's legacy immeasurable.

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