Ex-WWE Champ in 2023 Slump: 20 Losses, No Wins Yet


Ex-WWE Champ in 2023 Slump: 20 Losses, No Wins Yet

2023 has proved a challenging year for the former WWE United States Champion, The Miz, whose losing streak has extended to an unprecedented 20 defeats with zero victories. The Miz, known for his charismatic persona and fierce determination, began this year with his sights set on the coveted World Heavyweight Title.

However, his aspiration faced an early setback in the first round of the qualifying tournament, where he squared off against Finn Balor and Cody Rhodes. Balor claimed victory in the electrifying triple-threat match, leaving The Miz to regroup.

Miz's Tenacity Tested in 2023

Despite these initial setbacks, The Miz's resilience remained undeterred. His tenacity was tested against several formidable opponents throughout 2023, notably Seth Rollins, a formidable adversary who handed The Miz six losses in a row.

These defeats, however, have not negated The Miz's previous accomplishments within the WWE universe. The Miz's legacy as a champion is well-established, with two WWE Championships, an impressive eight Intercontinental Championship wins, and two United States Championships under his belt.

He has also secured the WWE Tag Team Title four times, partnering with a variety of exceptional superstars like Jim Morrison, John Cena, Big Show, and Damien Mizdow. On the most recent episode of RAW, The Miz faced off against Ricochet in a crucial qualifier for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Despite marked improvement and exceptional effort, The Miz could not secure a victory. His loss to Ricochet marked the 20th consecutive defeat in this turbulent year, a far cry from his victory in 2010 when he claimed the Money in the Bank title.

2023 has indeed posed a significant challenge for the usually formidable Miz. While the year hasn't been kind to the former Intercontinental Champion, his never-say-die attitude promises hope for a potential comeback. Fans eagerly await to see if he can overturn this run of bad luck and ascend once more to the zenith of the WWE universe.

Only time will reveal whether The Miz can rebound from these challenges and reclaim his position as a top-tier WWE superstar.

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