AEW Star's WWE RAW Appearance Sparks Fan Flashbacks: Claims Made in Jest


AEW Star's WWE RAW Appearance Sparks Fan Flashbacks: Claims Made in Jest

In an amusing development, wrestling enthusiasts recently made jesting assertions about the apparent appearance of a notable AEW star, Matt Hardy, on WWE RAW. This all unfolded during the recent Monday night RAW episode. Indus Sher, consisting of Sanga and Veer, took on Javier Bernal and Kevin Ventura-Cortes in a tag-team bout.

Sher's team swiftly overpowered their adversaries, securing a decisive pinfall victory. However, not the match's outcome stirred the audience's attention. Instead, the uncanny resemblance between Kevin Ventura-Cortes and AEW star Matt Hardy sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

Twitter was abuzz with fans agreeing on Ventura-Cortes's likeness to Hardy, some going as far as dubbing him as the next iteration of the WWE veteran.

Hardy Commends Edge's WWE Contributions

On a side note, Matt Hardy has recently been in the limelight for his comments on WWE legend Edge's potential career trajectory.

While featuring in an edition of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW heavyweight lauded Edge's recent performance in WWE. Hardy emphasized Edge's instrumental role in fostering the next generation of WWE talents. He praised Edge's comeback and significant contributions, despite being sidelined for years due to a grave injury.

Hardy appreciated Edge's commendable fitness and quality content, drawing parallels between Edge's mentorship role and his own. The topic then steered towards Edge's impending retirement, where Hardy hypothesized that Edge's swan song might not necessarily be within WWE.

He suggested that it could be entirely plausible for Edge to stage his final appearances in another wrestling promotion once his WWE contract expires. Considering Edge's commitment, Hardy said, "If he says, like, it is his last match, I don't think he's going to do like Ric Flair and have five or six last matches.

I could see him finishing up with WWE and having his final few matches somewhere else." The prospect of Edge potentially joining AEW and teaming up with Christian for a final showdown against The Hardy Boyz is intriguing. Whether this transpires or not, the wrestling community will watch with bated breath.

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