Ex-WWE Star Announces Return to Ring After 10-Year Hiatus

Veteran wrestler eyes a comeback after a decade-long hiatus.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star Announces Return to Ring After 10-Year Hiatus

Former Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Jason Knight is set to return to the wrestling arena this year after a long sabbatical spanning almost a decade. Knight, who had his wrestling prime in the 1990s, is preparing for an unexpected return to the ring at 59.

He wrestled in 12 notable WWE matches between 1992 and 1993 before experiencing two remarkable runs with ECW from 1993 to 1999. In his heyday, he had the opportunity to share the ring with several industry legends, such as Lex Luger and Ric Flair.

The veteran grappler made this surprising revelation on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, where he stated his aspirations to return to the ring later this year, just as he approaches his 60th birthday. "I am gearing up.

I want to reenter the ring, probably this year. As I approach 60, I'd like to give it another shot, but I want to ensure I'm fully prepared, in shape, and healthy. I believe I'm approaching it intelligently, slowly getting to that point, not rushing anything," he expressed during the podcast.

Knight's Final WWE Defeat

Knight was often on the losing end of his matches during his time in WWE, with his final appearance culminating in a loss against Luger on the June 5, 1993, episode of WWE Superstars. It's not a rarity for wrestlers to step back into the ring after retirement.

Recently, wrestling legends Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels donned their boots for one last match despite previous declarations of hanging them up for good. Knight, who last wrestled competitively in 2014, emphasizes the importance of being fully prepared before reengaging in the physically demanding sport after such a long absence: "You don't want to witness an old man trying to recreate what he used to do in the ring years ago," Knight cautioned.

"Having been away from the ring for about 12 years, I'm not going to do anything that would cause embarrassment or draw negative attention." Known also as Jason, Knight had an impressive wrestling career, having held the ECW World Television Championship in 1994. 2 Cold Scorpio eventually ended his 83-day reign on the November 22, 1994, episode of ECW Hardcore TV.