Jimmy Korderas Analyzes WWE Raw Promo and Reflects on World Heavyweight Title

Controversy and Doubts Surround WWE's New Heavyweight Championship

by Atia Mukhtar
Jimmy Korderas Analyzes WWE Raw Promo and Reflects on World Heavyweight Title

Seth Rollins commenced his reign as the World Heavyweight Champion in a captivating fashion on the latest episode of "WWE Raw." While the early impressions of his championship run have left a positive mark, one particular aspect of Rhea Ripley's promo during the opening segment drew criticism from renowned WWE referee Jimmy Korderas.

During the electrifying confrontation between Rollins, AJ Styles, and Ripley, the latter boldly declared that Rollins was "Just another champion." Although this remark was intended to rile up their rivals and set the stage for the main event tag team match, Korderas expressed his concern that it didn't elevate the prestige of the brand-new title.

"In their efforts to elevate this title with all the grandeur and pageantry surrounding it, such a line tends to cast doubt in people's minds," Korderas shared during his latest installment of the popular segment "Reffin Rant." He emphasized the importance of carefully choosing words when aiming to build up a championship.

World Heavyweight Championship: Striving for Parity and Prestige

WWE intends to establish the World Heavyweight Championship on the same level as Roman Reigns' revered Undisputed WWE Universal Championship while distinguishing it as the premier title exclusive to the "Raw" brand.

The goal is to ensure that it is defended more frequently than Reigns' title, known as the "Tribal Chief." However, there have been lingering doubts regarding its status, with Styles questioning whether it might be perceived as a secondary title, given that WWE had to create a separate championship for talent to vie for.

Unfortunately, Ripley's promo did little to dispel these apprehensions. As the promotion strives to solidify the World Heavyweight Championship's prestige, it becomes crucial to consider every spoken word's impact and promotional segment's impact.

While WWE has invested considerable effort into elevating the new title, the success of this endeavor ultimately relies on presenting it as an equivalent and highly coveted prize, thereby ensuring its acceptance and reverence among fans and competitors alike.

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