Seth Rollins Lauds AJ Styles; Admits Being a Fan

Diving into the intense camaraderie of two wrestling superstars.

by Noman Rasool
Seth Rollins Lauds AJ Styles; Admits Being a Fan

In the high-octane world of professional wrestling, few rivalries are as exciting and respected as that between Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. Their mutual respect is palpable, and according to Rollins, their destined clash for the new title was nothing short of an explosive performance.

During a recent interview, Rollins expressed his belief that the new title was meant to be contested by him and AJ Styles. "For the initiation of a new championship, there couldn't have been a better way," remarked Rollins.

He lauded Styles as an unmatched wrestler, a definite first-ballot Hall of Famer who has continued to evolve and improve his craft.

Rollins Reflects on Championship Duel

Reminiscing on their first-time fight for the title at the Night of Champions, Rollins noted, "It was an unforgettable spectacle.

The intensity Styles brought to the fight was extraordinary. It simply had to be him in that ring. The title seemed to call out for our rivalry." Rollins was proud of his victory but quickly appreciated Styles' relentless effort, expressing profound respect for "The Phenomenal One." Later in the conversation, Rollins spoke about his long-standing history with Styles, expressing his deep admiration for his counterpart.

Having been an AJ Styles fan before even stepping into the wrestling ring himself, Rollins' respect for Styles runs deep. He credits Styles as being the inspiration for his wrestling style. Rollins shared his thoughts on the pivotal match: "It felt monumental.

Our history in the ring is vibrant and layered." He praised Styles for his unparalleled ability to absorb information and adapt, attributing it to his longevity and success in the industry. "He's not just any wrestler; he epitomizes perfection.

The man is a sponge who soaks up every bit of knowledge and experience, turning it into a powerful force that has made him one of the greatest ever." He finished his reflections with a note of sentimentality. "The magic we create in the ring is incomparable, and battling it out at Night of Champions for a new title was truly meaningful.

I hope it was as significant for him as it did for me." This heartfelt acknowledgment from Rollins is a testament to the deep-seated respect between these two wrestling titans.

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