Bryan Danielson AEW Creative Discussions with Khan: A Synopsis


Bryan Danielson AEW Creative Discussions with Khan: A Synopsis
Bryan Danielson AEW Creative Discussions with Khan: A Synopsis

In a candid discussion at the recent AEW Double Or Nothing media scrum, esteemed professional wrestler Bryan Danielson opened up about his experience working with Tony Khan, the CEO, and founder of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Danielson expressed his profound appreciation for the enriching creative discussions and the fulfilling collaborative environment at AEW. The seasoned wrestler, known for his authenticity in and out of the ring, shared that he thoroughly enjoys his professional relationship with Khan.

"Engaging with Tony is immensely fulfilling. Our phone calls often stretch to nearly two hours, yet they never seem laborious. The excitement of sharing ideas about wrestling, the enthusiasm of building upon each other's thoughts, it's invigorating," Danielson remarked.

The wrestling veteran highlighted that his rapport with Khan is not merely about exchanging ideas but is also a testament to their shared passion for the sport. He added, "It doesn't feel like work when we dive into these discussions.

It's a joyous exercise born from a love of wrestling, making it much more rewarding."

Danielson's Dedication to AEW's Future

Danielson also discussed his reasons for expanding his role at AEW and his commitment to working with the organization's rising stars.

"Witnessing the growth of these talented young wrestlers over the last 18 months has been enriching. It's such a unique experience I've found in AEW," he expressed. Danielson's previous work with WWE's creative team, particularly during his sidelining, was highly commended.

Colleagues at WWE noted his positive influence and insightful contributions to the creative process.
Danielson's fans and the broader wrestling community eagerly await the premiere of AEW Collision, scheduled for Saturday, June 17, on TNT.

The live show, promising two hours of captivating wrestling action, will be a regular Saturday night fixture, further elevating AEW's presence in professional wrestling.

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