No WWE-MLW Lawsuit Update Expected Until Mid-Summer: Bauer

Delving into the lawsuit dynamics, MLW's CEO opens up.

by Noman Rasool
No WWE-MLW Lawsuit Update Expected Until Mid-Summer: Bauer

On Monday, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) submitted its latest legal rebuttal in the ongoing antitrust lawsuit that Major League Wrestling (MLW) launched. The case, currently being tried in the Federal Court in the Northern District of California, saw the WWE challenge MLW's recent response to the former's request for dismissal.

This legal tussle marked yet another significant episode in the intricate relationship between the two wrestling entities. The next day, an intriguing conversation occurred with MLW's CEO, Court Bauer. The dialogue aired on "The Business of the Business" provided a detailed insight into Bauer's thoughts about the lawsuit.

Bauer first playfully brushed off the hosts' attempt to glean any secretive information from him regarding the case. However, the generous CEO soon delved deeper into the issue, providing a unique insight into the ongoing legal dispute.

Bauer Discusses Lawsuit Progress

"There's not much to share at this point," Bauer began with a slightly more serious tone. He indicated that no significant developments were expected until mid-Summer, given the slow-moving nature of the legal process.

He highlighted how the presiding judge had the authority to dismiss the case outright. Instead, he asked MLW to solidify certain areas of their claim, a directive that Bauer found promising. "I am no attorney," Bauer quipped, "I merely portray one on MLW television, and my name happens to be Court." He expressed optimism about the court's request, viewing it as a positive sign.

Bauer believes that they had responded appropriately to the judge's call to strengthen their case, hoping this would satisfy his requirement to proceed. Looking ahead, Bauer revealed a sense of anticipation for the discovery phase of the proceedings, should they continue to move forward.

This phase of a lawsuit is crucial, as it compels both parties to provide all potentially relevant documentation, recordings, and other pertinent evidence to each other. In this stage, deposition testimony is also gathered, an aspect that Bauer seems particularly eager for.

In professional wrestling, where storylines often blur the lines of reality, it will be fascinating to follow this legal contest, which has potential implications far beyond the ring.