Injured Dupri Lands WWE Role, Learns Just a Day Before

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Injured Dupri Lands WWE Role, Learns Just a Day Before
Injured Dupri Lands WWE Role, Learns Just a Day Before

Maxxine Dupri, known previously as Sofia Cromwell during her brief stint on "WWE NXT," quickly ascended to "SmackDown" fame, where she carved out a distinctive role. Before her involvement with "SmackDown," Dupri managed Maximum Male Models.

She recently joined the "Out of Character" show and divulged how her surprising transition from "NXT" to "SmackDown" unfolded, an experience she hadn't discussed extensively before. Dupri's ascent to "SmackDown" can be attributed partially to a setback.

She explained, "I fractured my fibula around May or June. Initially, it felt like a huge setback, but now, I view it as a blessing in disguise." Dupri's injury rendered her unable to participate in "NXT" activities, which turned out to be a silver lining as it opened up the opportunity for her to play the role of Maxxine.

"Dupri's Transition to Maxxine Role"

Despite her limited engagement with "NXT," Dupri collaborated briefly with Robert Stone and Von Wagner. Around this time, WWE started advertising the character Maxxine. Rumors swirled that Dupri was the perfect fit for the role, yet she remained uncertain until the pivotal moment when she received a career-changing text message.

Dupri vividly remembered the morning when her fate was sealed. She awoke to a message from WWE Travel: 'We need you at SmackDown tomorrow. I'm booking your travel.' This came as a surprise, but she responded swiftly. She communicated with the brand's lead writer at the WWE Performance Center.

Upon reading his email, it was clear that Dupri was destined to portray LA Knight's sister. With barely four hours to spare, she had to catch a flight. Caught in the whirlwind of these fast-paced developments, Dupri quickly prepared herself.

She had a spray tan, packed her bags, and got ready to embark on this exciting journey. Despite the rush, she adapted to the situation thanks to her cheerleading background. Dupri said, "Cheerleading taught me to adjust quickly in high-pressure environments." Thus, an unexpected injury inadvertently opened doors for Dupri, leading to her current role in "SmackDown." She emerged triumphant in the face of adversity, proving that setbacks can sometimes be stepping stones to more significant opportunities.

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