Abdullah The Butcher Discusses the Unmaterialized WWF Bout with Hulk Hogan

"Abdullah the Butcher's intriguing journey in wrestling unfolds further."

by Noman Rasool
Abdullah The Butcher Discusses the Unmaterialized WWF Bout with Hulk Hogan

Renowned for his violent and blood-spattered matches, Abdullah the Butcher etched a notable name for himself in professional wrestling circles, despite never competing in WWE. During his ventures in Japan, a gripping encounter took place with Hulk Hogan in 1982.

This match won Hogan's admiration, who even contemplated recruiting Abdullah for a WWE face-off. Recently, while appearing on "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw," the revered WWE Hall of Famer delved into the intriguing details surrounding his potential bout with Hogan and why it never came to pass.

"Hogan's Promise to Abdullah Recalled"

Recounting their dramatic showdown in Japan, Abdullah stated, "I wrestled Hogan, and we set the arena on fire. Hogan bled during the match, thanks to my offensive moves. Our fights were a sensation in Japan, selling out every event." Hogan was seemingly so impressed with their duels that he promised Abdullah a successful WWE stint: "'I'll discuss your case with Vince McMahon, bring you into WWE, and you'll fight no one but me.

Trust me, and you'll earn more money than you can imagine.' " However, before Abdullah could sign on the dotted line, Vince McMahon solicited opinions from other wrestlers about Abdullah's notoriously violent style, which often included mid-match stabbings and copious amounts of bloodshed.

The reservations expressed by many led to the match being officially "cut" from consideration. The decision against proceeding with the anticipated fight resulted in Abdullah never stepping into a WWE ring. However, this development didn't dampen Abdullah's impressive career.

Instead, he continued flourishing in the wrestling world, securing championships for promotions such as NWA, Stampede Wrestling, and Big Japan Pro-Wrestling. Despite his conspicuous absence from WWE, the company acknowledged his illustrious career in 2011 when they inducted him into that year's Hall of Fame class.

The induction stood as a testament to Abdullah's prowess and contribution to the wrestling sphere, proving that his legacy transcended the boundaries of WWE and left an indelible mark on the broader world of professional wrestling.

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