Maxxine Dupri's WWE Role: Injury-Prompted Appointment Known Only Day Before

Wrestler Maxxine Dupri unfolds her serendipitous journey to 'SmackDown.'

by Atia Mukhtar
Maxxine Dupri's WWE Role: Injury-Prompted Appointment Known Only Day Before

Maxxine Dupri, formerly known as Sofia Cromwell on "WWE NXT," underwent an abrupt transformation when she was summoned to "SmackDown," taking up the fresh mantle of Maxxine Dupri. She recently shed light on this career-altering development during her appearance on the podcast "Out of Character." Interestingly, her professional wrestling journey had an unexpected turn when she suffered an injury.

"What's fascinating about this story is that it's been under wraps till now, but I fractured my fibula around May or June," shared Dupri. In a twist of fate, her sidelining due to injury, which initially seemed like a setback, became a career-propelling opportunity.

"Reflecting on it now, I perceive it as a disguised blessing. My in-ring performance was limited due to the injury, and perhaps this made me an optimal choice for the Maxxine character."

Dupri's Transition: From Uncertainty to Maxxine

Dupri nostalgically reminisced about her brief working stint with Robert Stone and Von Wagner in "NXT." As the WWE began promoting the Maxxine character, there was speculation within the fan base that she could be the mystery woman behind the moniker.

Despite the buzz, Dupri harbored reservations. But a sudden, unexplained gut instinct hinted at an imminent significant shift in her career. Her intuition proved right when a life-altering text message arrived early one morning.

"I woke up to a text from travel at seven, instructing me that I was needed on 'SmackDown' the next day and that my travel was being arranged," Dupri narrated. Immediately, she headed to the WWE Performance Center to prepare and liaise with the lead writer.

After reviewing his email, everyone was informed that Dupri would play LA Knight's sister. The catch? She was to catch a flight within four hours. Unfazed by the rush, Dupri got a spray tan, packed her belongings, and prepared for the flight.

She attributes her swift adaptability to her cheerleading background, which helped her acclimate to the fast-paced WWE environment. Now known as Maxxine Dupri, she continues her career in WWE, proving that sometimes, destiny does play its hand in the most unexpected ways.

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