Kurt Angle Reflects on Eddie Guerrero's Mishap at WWE 2004 Judgment Day

Diving into wrestling history, Kurt Angle reveals an unforgettable incident.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kurt Angle Reflects on Eddie Guerrero's Mishap at WWE 2004 Judgment Day

In the wake of his defeat to Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania XX, Kurt Angle found himself side-lined from wrestling due to chronic neck problems. Consequently, Angle was appointed as the interim General Manager of the "SmackDown" brand, significantly deviating from his usual in-ring responsibilities.

Angle Recalls Guerrero's 2004 Mishap

However, this shift in the role didn't prevent Angle from continuing his feud with Guerrero, notably during Guerrero's contentious rivalry against JBL. Guerrero found himself defending his WWE Championship against JBL in the climax of Judgment Day 2004, a match that still resonates in wrestling history due to Guerrero's notoriously mishandled blade job.

Angle recalled this moment on his "The Kurt Angle Show" podcast, where he voiced his shock and concern over the event. "The worst cut ever," Angle remembered, recalling the terrifying spectacle of blood that ensued. "He hit an artery, and it would not stop bleeding.

It was dreadful. Blood was everywhere in the ring, covering Eddie and Bradshaw. It seemed like half of Eddie's body's blood was spilling out. It was madness." Witnessing this alarming incident was shocking for Angle, a seasoned professional who had seen his fair share of wrestling injuries.

He confessed that he had "never seen anything like that" before, expressing surprise that Guerrero wasn't immediately taken to the hospital. "By the next day, he was showing signs of being lightheaded," Angle added, recounting Guerrero's unsettling state following the mishap.

In the next pay-per-view event after Judgment Day, The Great American Bash, Angle sabotaged Guerrero's chances of retaining the WWE Championship during a Texas Bull Rope Match against JBL. This controversial action ultimately led to Angle's dismissal as the GM of the Blue brand Vince McMahon.

This pivotal decision re-opened the door for Angle's return to the ring and the reignition of his rivalry with Guerrero. This bout became a significant chapter in the legacy of both wrestlers, etching their names in the annals of WWE history.

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