Baron Corbin Speaks Out Following Attack on Hayes in WWE NXT


Baron Corbin Speaks Out Following Attack on Hayes in WWE NXT

Making a surprising return to WWE NXT this past Tuesday, former United States Champion Baron Corbin stunned fans as he attacked Carmelo Hayes after a triumphant title defense against Noam Dar. Breaking his silence on Twitter, Corbin posted a photo of himself standing over Hayes, the NXT title in his hand.

Corbin's unexpected arrival at the NXT event was amplified by the audacious manner in which he concluded his intrusion. After delivering his signature End of Days finishing move to Hayes, Corbin brazenly hoisted the title above his head.

This provocative gesture has left wrestling fans buzzing about his intent.

Corbin's Unexpected NXT Comeback

Despite currently being a free agent, after not being picked up in this year's WWE Draft for either SmackDown or RAW, Corbin's abrupt reemergence on the developmental brand indicates he is still in progress.

Dressed in a Dream Crushers t-shirt from Violent Gentlemen, Corbin's attire hinted at his intentions. The heavyweight's return to NXT marks a full circle in his professional wrestling journey. The 38-year-old star, known as The Lone Wolf during NXT's black and gold era, dominated his opponents with his End of Days finishing move before earning a spot on the main roster.

There, his career flourished, garnering him victories such as the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32, the United States Championship, the Money in the Bank contract, the role of constable of RAW, and being the 2019 King of the Ring winner.

Notably, Corbin holds the unique distinction of being the last competitor to score a pinfall victory over Roman Reigns. This fact and his audacious return to NXT have spurred speculation that Corbin might be positioned to challenge Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship.

Corbin, who has yet to hold the title, should such a showdown occur, could upset the status quo and end Hayes' reign. Given Corbin's impressive track record, this possibility is certainly within the realm of expectation, adding yet another compelling twist to the wrestling world's drama.

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