24-year-old WWE Champ Faces Locker Room Backlash; Next Challenger from Battle Royal

NXT's latest champion, Tiffany Stratton, experiences unexpected isolation post-win.

by Atia Mukhtar
24-year-old WWE Champ Faces Locker Room Backlash; Next Challenger from Battle Royal

Stepping into the spotlight of a WWE champion means facing a barrage of challenges. That's a reality Tiffany Stratton is beginning to grasp after her victorious stride in the NXT Women's Championship tournament, culminating in her inviting the female NXT stars to celebrate her win.

The situation, however, unfolded in a way she hadn't anticipated. At NXT Battleground, Stratton climbed the peak of victory by claiming the vacant Women's Championship. In an adrenaline-pumping finale, she overcame Lyra Valkyria, marking her first-ever WWE title win.

Emotion washed over her as she embraced this milestone, with backstage support from prominent figures like Shawn Michaels.

Stratton's Victory: A Lone Celebration

Despite the backstage jubilation, the narrative took a distinct turn as it became apparent that Stratton had found herself alone in the limelight.

Stratton issued an open invitation to the women's locker room this week on NXT, hoping to share her victory. Yet, her call echoed unanswered until she suggested choosing her next challenger. Following her announcement of a Battle Royal to decide her challenger, the women's locker room finally made their presence felt.

In a display of unity, the women charged into the ring, sending the new champion retreating. At just 24, Stratton is among the youngest WWE Women's Champions. While she didn't break Paige's record as the youngest champion at 20, her triumph at such an early stage in her career remains significant.

Other younger advocates, like the 21-year-old Roxanne Perez, have etched their names in the record books before her. Currently, the identity of her next contender hangs in the balance. Yet, the upcoming Battle Royal promises to set the stage for her first feud, shaping the trajectory of her reign.

Stratton, meanwhile, will have to navigate the treacherous waters of a locker room united against her. As the entire NXT women's roster seems poised to challenge her, Stratton's reign may be as brutal as her ascent to the championship.

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