Vic Joseph's WrestleMania Calling Dream: The Ultimate Goal


Vic Joseph's WrestleMania Calling Dream: The Ultimate Goal

Vic Joseph, a veteran pundit in WWE starting around 2017, as of late shared his definitive objective inside the organization. Even with having called various matches across the entire program, NXT, 205 Live, and NXT U.K., Joseph communicated his deep longing to reach the headliner of a WrestleMania.

In a meeting with Chris Van Vliet, he focused on this deep-rooted dream. Joseph enthusiastically said, " My life objective is to call the headliner of WrestleMania. I am tossing it out there. Since we discuss ability that is in the ring, there's just a single headliner every night at WrestleMania.

There are countless headliners that have occurred at WrestleMania; there have been endless matches. However, there's just been a couple of headliners. I need to call a headliner of WrestleMania." Considering his past encounters at WrestleMania, Joseph recognized that while he had called matches and title sessions at the fabulous occasion, he couldn't satisfy his desire to reach the headliner.

This unaccomplished objective energizes his inspiration and drives him to convey excellent critiques on NXT each Tuesday. "I've called matches at WrestleMania and title matches at WrestleMania. However, I've never called the headliner.

As far as I might be concerned, that still drives me to be not quite the same as the thing you're hearing. Allow me to keep working twice as hard," Joseph shared during the meeting. He likewise thanked the capable people he has worked with, recognizing their commitment to raising his exhibition.

Joseph referenced his eagerness to work with individual observers like Beth Phoenix, Swim Barrett, Booker T, Nigel McGuinness, or Percy Watson, featuring his assurance to make each broadcast a triumph.

Vic Joseph's WrestleMania Calling Dream: From Impact to WWE

Recently, it was uncovered that Joseph had the fantastic chance to sign with Effect Wrestling before, at last, getting a proposal from WWE.

His devotion and immovable spotlight on accomplishing his fantasy about calling a WrestleMania headliner to exhibit the enthusiasm he brings to his art and his obligation to convey an outstanding encounter for WWE fans. As Vic Joseph proceeds with his excursion in WWE, fans can observe his excitement and hear his unmistakable voice reverberate through the wireless transmissions, realizing he is working enthusiastically to accomplish his definitive objective.

With his ability, devotion, and desire, he did not entirely settle on influencing WWE history by catching the wizardry and fervor of a WrestleMania headliner through his editorial.