WWE Legend Tears Up as Vince McMahon Dissolves Tag Team

Delving into WWE's past, Road Dogg reveals an emotional moment.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Legend Tears Up as Vince McMahon Dissolves Tag Team

Renowned WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg recently unveiled a poignant episode from his illustrious wrestling career, recounting when WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's decision brought him to tears. This emotional revelation, surprisingly, had nothing to do with McMahon's grooming choices but was intertwined with the destiny of the legendary tag team, the New Age Outlaws.

Road Dogg, whose rise to stardom in WWE was catalyzed by teaming up with Billy Gunn, had until then been languishing as a mid-card singles wrestler. The alliance with Gunn, however, transformed their career trajectories, leading them to a legendary journey that earned them a revered spot in the annals of WWE history as one of the greatest tag teams ever.

New Age Outlaws' Successful Era

Their partnership was decorated with an impressive six WWE Tag Team Championships, a crucial part of the iconic D-Generation X. It culminated in their induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

Yet, the bond that held the New Age Outlaws together faced a formidable challenge in 1999. On his "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, Road Dogg shared the heart-wrenching moment when McMahon announced his intention to dissolve the tag team.

"I implored Vince not to split us up because I truly believed I couldn't succeed without Billy," Road Dogg confessed. "And yes, tears were indeed shed. It scared me to death thinking about venturing out on my own." He had grown comfortable and confident with Billy always nearby.

However, McMahon, ever the visionary, assured him that he would thrive as a solo performer. "I didn't have the same self-belief," Road Dogg admitted, recounting McMahon's encouraging words," 'This is going to be good for you and Billy.'

But I was still apprehensive." Despite this reassurance, Road Dogg confessed that he tended to "future trip" - projecting fear onto future events. This anxiety nearly overwhelmed him as he faced the prospect of a solo run.

Although his fears initially consumed him, Road Dogg managed to carve out a decent singles career, even capturing the Intercontinental and Hardcore Championships. Yet, his unforgettable journey with the New Age Outlaws undeniably defines his legacy in WWE.

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