Seth Rollins Balances RAW Duties and Marvel Filming; WWE's Saudi Travel Procedure

WWE Champion Seth Rollins juggles filming and wrestling schedules.

by Atia Mukhtar
Seth Rollins Balances RAW Duties and Marvel Filming; WWE's Saudi Travel Procedure

Newly crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has a busy schedule lined up as he is confirmed to appear on all future episodes of RAW, as reported by PWInsider. Despite his recent filming commitments for the Marvel film "Captain America: New World Order," his cinematic endeavors aren't expected to clash with his responsibilities towards RAW.

Before the WWE Night of Champions event, rumors suggested that Rollins was to face AJ Styles at the show's opening due to his need to return to the United States for film-related obligations. However, a recent update from Fightful Select clarified that Rollins had no early departure plans from Saudi Arabia since he had completed his part of filming before the Night of Champions event.

Draining Saudi WWE Journey

In a related development, the intense travel routine for the WWE event in Saudi Arabia left the participants entirely drained when they reached RAW on Monday, despite having had a night's rest in Albany, NY.

The travel experience was described as arduous, starting with a late departure from Jeddah by three hours, followed by a flight to New York City, and then proceeding to Albany for RAW. Adding another layer, Fightful mentioned a noticeable reduction in the number of props taken to Saudi Arabia for the Night of Champions event compared to what is usually transported for a standard RAW show.

It appears that the complexities of international travel impact not only the performers but also the overall production of the events. Seth Rollins, the recently crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion, shows an impressive ability to multitask as he balances a flourishing wrestling career with his burgeoning acting pursuits.

Concurrently, WWE manages the intricate logistics of international show production skillfully. Despite the inherent challenges, such as exhaustive travel and adapting to different event settings, Rollins and the WWE need to be more active.

They remain dedicated to their respective crafts, steadfastly prepared to tackle any obstacles that come their way. Their unwavering commitment is a testament to their professionalism and resilience in their separate domains.

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