New Championship for Roman Reigns: WWE's Grand Reveal on SmackDown, Reports Say


New Championship for Roman Reigns: WWE's Grand Reveal on SmackDown, Reports Say

WWE continues to craft a commanding narrative around Roman Reigns, the reigning Universal Champion, with an electrifying reveal slated for the upcoming episode of SmackDown. A significant development is anticipated as whispers circulate regarding Reigns acquiring a brand-new championship belt, adding an unprecedented layer to his reign on the Blue brand.

Last week, Reigns etched his name more profoundly into the annals of WWE history by attaining the remarkable milestone of holding the Universal Championship for a thousand days, a triumph he was slated to commemorate on SmackDown.

However, Jimmy Uso's shocking betrayal during the Night of Champions could divert the spotlight away from this significant achievement.

SmackDown's Unveiling: Reigns' Celebration

Intriguingly, Fightful Select has reported that despite the uncertainty surrounding the fallout from Uso's actions, Reigns may still have an important reason for celebration during this week's SmackDown episode.

Although official confirmation is yet to surface, backstage rumors suggest that plans are underway for the June 2 episode of SmackDown to honor Reigns' phenomenal 1000-day championship run. This celebration reportedly involves unveiling the "New WWE Universal Championship," as numerous internal memos indicate.

In what seems to be a nod to an iconic WWE moment, the new title is expected to be introduced from a podium, mirroring The Rock's special unveiling of the WWE Championship in 2013. However, it's essential to remember that, as with any storyline in professional wrestling, plans can shift right up to the last minute, and these reports reflect the proposed direction.

Interestingly, the report didn't provide explicit details about the nature of the new championship. This omission leaves room for speculation. Are we looking at unifying the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship? Or will we witness the advent of an upgraded Universal Championship? Regardless of the outcome, this development will undoubtedly stir up intrigue and excitement among WWE fans worldwide.

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