WWE Wrestler Takes on Love: Joins The Bachelorette

Charity Lawson takes center stage in new Bachelorette season.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Wrestler Takes on Love: Joins The Bachelorette

As the new season of ABC's special show "The Bachelorette" is soon to hit the screens, Charity Lawson is all set to be the heart of the season. An unforgettable participant from The Bachelor's 27th season, Lawson was one of the finalists during Zach Shallcross's season.

However, destiny had different plans, and it was heartbreaking for fans when they couldn't make it till the end. Now Lawson has a golden opportunity to explore the prospect of meeting her soulmate on The Bachelorette. People.com has revealed the list of the 25 distinguished men Lawson will encounter in the upcoming season.

A noticeable contender is WWE NXT's Superstar Kale Dixon. He would use his real name, Caleb Balgaard, during the show. While WWE NXT isn't referred to in his bio, he is depicted as a professional wrestler from Orlando, Florida.

His complete biography presents an engaging image of this intriguing contestant.

Wrestler's Soft Side Unveiled

Balgaard is painted as a compassionate, family-oriented individual in stark contrast to his intimidating wrestler persona.

Though he may appear as a villain in the ring, he's a romantic and a true softie. Renowned for going above and beyond to make his partner feel cherished, he crafted a heart necklace from seashells. With a strong bond with his family, he aspires to establish his own family shortly.

Only time will unveil if Balgaard's dreams come true on the show. Dixon has lately appeared on NXT Level Up, and if he secures a place in The Bachelorette, his visibility on NXT TV is bound to surge. Anticipation builds around his introductory performance on the first night, often resonating with the participants' professional personas.

With past contenders making grand entrances with peculiar props, luxury vehicles, or even a cardboard box, what Dixon has planned remains suspense. Fan-favorite Lawson is once again under the spotlight. Having won hearts during The Bachelor with her magnetic smile, confidence, and compassion, Lawson is all set to stage her quest for love.

A child and family therapist with a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Auburn University, she brings a unique mix of intellect and sensitivity. As the Bachelorette, Lawson seeks a partner who cherishes dogs, enjoys thrift shopping, and a good tailgate party.

More importantly, she desires honesty and empathy, someone who appreciates her for her authentic self. With the example of her parents' 47-year strong marriage, Lawson is ready and hopeful for a love that is just as enduring and genuine.