Vic Joseph Says Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix Helped Him Regain His Confidence

In a recent revealing interview, Vic Joseph shares his journey.

by Noman Rasool
Vic Joseph Says Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix Helped Him Regain His Confidence

Vic Joseph, a renowned name in the WWE universe, recently shared his experiences in an intimate interview on Insight With Van Vilet. Joseph's career has seen many crests and troughs as a seasoned commentator, mainly due to the frequent shuffling between various WWE brands.

The candid interview offers insight into Joseph's journey and how he regained his confidence at the commentary table with help from fellow professionals Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix. Joseph began the conversation by addressing his rapport with co-commentator Booker T, a relationship that's naturally grown over time.

"Booker is Booker," he said, explaining that their banter on air is entirely spontaneous, an off-the-cuff conversation that fans get to overhear. They never plan their discussions but instead, let their camaraderie steer the course.

"We hang out for hours before the show. When we go out there on Tuesdays, what you hear is just live, off the cuff, off the top of our heads."

Joseph's Confidence Rebuilt at NXT

Addressing the uncertainties in his career, Joseph confessed that his self-confidence had taken a hit due to the constant shuffling around different WWE brands.

But his return to NXT, and the stability it offered, also brought new support systems in the form of Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix. "When I was coming back to NXT, Wade Barrett came in, and having done Mixed Match Challenge, 205 Live, Monday Night Raw, NXT U.K., and all these different shows to finally have a little bit more of a permanent home, my confidence was hit a little bit," Joseph admitted.

But Barrett and Phoenix stepped in to help restore his confidence. "Wade Barrett specifically helped me; he gave me my confidence back," Joseph said, expressing his gratitude towards Phoenix. For Joseph, confidence was a key ingredient in his role as a commentator.

The restoration of his self-belief was further fortified when Shawn Michaels, now in charge of NXT Creative, complimented his work. Joseph said these positive reinforcements instilled a sense of assurance, reminding him of his capabilities.

"When Shawn Michaels sits back there and says, 'Nice job, kid, great job.' It's like, okay, I do know. I don't want to say self-gratification. But you have, like, okay, I know what I'm doing. So you have to have that confidence."

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