Hall of Famer Names Seth Rollins 2023 WWE MVP After Night of Champions Triumph

Seth Rollins' stellar performance garners high praise from Mick Foley.

by Atia Mukhtar
Hall of Famer Names Seth Rollins 2023 WWE MVP After Night of Champions Triumph

Elevating the legacy of WWE, Seth Rollins drew substantial acclaim from Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who honored Rollins with his 'Most Valuable Player' nod for 2023. A tremendous victory at the Night of Champions premium live event in Saudi Arabia crowned Rollins the new World Heavyweight Champion, where he triumphed over AJ Styles.

His recent in-ring skirmishes have seen Rollins consistently delivering outstanding performances, grappling with formidable opponents like Finn Balor, Logan Paul, and The Miz. Now reigning as the Monday Night RAW's top champion, Rollins is eager to defend his title, a characteristic not often seen in Roman Reigns.

Foley Crowns Rollins 2023 MVP

Eager to express his admiration for Rollins, Foley took to Instagram to laud his recent accomplishments and congratulate him on his Night of Champions victory. His declaration of Rollins as his '2023 MVP' shows an appreciation for the wrestler's talents in the ring and as a performer.

"Foley wrote, "Rollins is my MVP! I may be late in saying this, but my heartiest congratulations to @wwerollins for his victory at Night of Champions. Rollins was a titan in the ring long before this recent metamorphosis, where his persona underwent a dramatic shift, transforming him into one of the most compelling performers in recent times.

This current streak — marked by consistently stellar matches — coupled with his charisma that resonates with the audience, makes him my MVP for 2023." Now standing as one of the most laureled stars in WWE, Rollins has added the new World Heavyweight Title to his long list of accolades, including the WWE and Universal Championships.

In a recent appearance on The Bump, Rollins expressed his desire for competition and his readiness to defend his title against anyone, from any brand, anywhere in the world. "I crave competition. I welcome anyone from any brand.

Whether it's SmackDown, Raw, NXT, or from any corner of the globe. I want challengers to step through that curtain. I am ready for any challenge, whether for a shot at the title, the title itself, tag match, six-man, or cage match," Rollins confidently declared.

Recently, Rollins joined forces with AJ Styles to face The Judgment Day in a RAW tag team match. He was seeing who would dare to step up as his first challenger remains intriguing.

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