Ex-WWE Trainer Bill DeMott Applauds Roman Reigns' Developmental Resilience

"Former WWE Trainer Bill DeMott Praises Roman Reigns' Dedication"

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Trainer Bill DeMott Applauds Roman Reigns' Developmental Resilience

Renowned former WWE trainer Bill DeMott recently showered praise on Roman Reigns, highlighting his dedication and work ethic during the early stages of his wrestling career. DeMott, who had the opportunity to train Reigns during his time in "WWE FCW" and "WWE NXT," spoke highly of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in a recent episode of the "Developmentally Speaking" podcast.

Interestingly, DeMott was initially unaware of Reigns' prestigious lineage as a member of the Anoa'i family but was captivated by the impressive presence of "The Tribal Chief." DeMott recalled his first encounter with Reigns, "When I walked in, I didn't even know who he was.

I didn't know he was part of the Samoans, who I've worked with my whole career. I didn't know he was one of the sons, but you knew when you walked in the room ... geez. I don't know if he's good, but he looks the part."

"Roman Reigns' Stellar Work Ethic: A Trainer's Perspective"

One aspect that stood out to DeMott was Reigns' willingness to embrace the demanding schedule without complaint during his developmental tenure.

The former WWE trainer emphasized, "I'll say this — not because of who he is now, because of who he is then — never heard one time he comes in and publicly bi**h about his schedule." According to DeMott, enduring the challenges and frustrations of the developmental phase is crucial for aspiring stars who eventually find success.

Reigns, having signed with WWE in 2010, dedicated two years to honing his skills in the company's developmental territories of "FCW" and "NXT" before making his main roster debut as a member of The Shield in 2012. Despite lacking professional wrestling experience, Reigns hailed from a wrestling family, with his father Sika and brother Rosey also being part of the esteemed Anoa'i family, spawning numerous notable names in the pro wrestling industry.

Through his unwavering commitment and perseverance, Roman Reigns transformed into the formidable force that dominates the WWE landscape today. DeMott's praise serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication Reigns displayed during his developmental years, which laid a strong foundation for his subsequent rise to superstardom in the world of professional wrestling.

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