Pat McAfee WWE Future and Company Relations: An Update"

Pat McAfee continues to juggle his TV show and WWE.

by Atia Mukhtar
Pat McAfee WWE Future and Company Relations: An Update"

Widely known for his multifaceted career, Pat McAfee's recent endeavors have not hampered his association with WWE. The ex-NFL punter who transitioned into roles as a commentator and wrestler has recently greenlighted a deal, facilitating the migration of his daily show to ESPN this coming fall.

Despite this shift, the possibility of him making a comeback to the Stamford, Connecticut-based WWE continues to hold promise. During a recent "SI Media With Jimmy Traina" interview, McAfee acknowledged consulting WWE CEO Nick Khan and Executive Chairman Vince McMahon as he negotiated his deal with ESPN.

"We're all still very much in contact with each other," he revealed, with notable mentions including Michael Cole and Paul "Triple H" Levesque alongside Khan and McMahon.

Pat McAfee's Consultations with WWE Leaders

Intriguingly, both Khan and McMahon warmly welcomed his inquiries.

McAfee stated, "Vince gave me a stern 'Do not' for one idea I was contemplating during negotiations," which didn't transpire as expected with an undisclosed network. Remarkably, it merely took McMahon a few hours to respond.

Referring to Khan's role, McAfee added, "Nick Khan was like a ghost in this thing," illustrating his widespread connections within sports media. In his career with WWE, McAfee has lent his talents to "SmackDown" as a commentator and stepped into the ring as a part-time wrestler.

Having participated in five individual WWE matches, his bond with the company continues to thrive. "My relationship with the WWE is — I don't want to say stronger than it's ever been — but actually stronger than it's ever been," he concluded.

McAfee expressed his love for the WWE Universe and his keenness to reconnect. He revealed that ongoing discussions are focused on his potential reintegration into the wrestling world.

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