HOF Criticizes Brock Lesnar-Cody Rhodes Storyline, Says It Exposes Talent


HOF Criticizes Brock Lesnar-Cody Rhodes Storyline, Says It Exposes Talent

WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Kevin Nash, has expressed criticism over the ongoing feud between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes, in what he perceives as a mistake in storyline development by WWE. In the saga, the rivalry stands evenly poised, with each wrestler having secured one victory against the other.

It was instigated when Lesnar attacked Rhodes on Raw two months ago. This led to a match at WWE Backlash, where Rhodes emerged victorious, ingeniously converting Lesnar's Kimura Lock submission into a pin attempt.

Cody Rhodes Falls at Night of Champions

However, the tables turned at WWE Night of Champions last Saturday.

Rhodes stepped into the ring bearing a cast on his left arm, following another vicious assault from Lesnar in the lead-up to the match. Wrestling with a purported "broken" arm, Rhodes succumbed to Lesnar's signature Kimura Lock submission, refusing to tap out but eventually passing out in the hold.

On his podcast, "Kliq This," Kevin Nash was candid in expressing his disapproval of the storyline. Notably, he took issue with the go-home Raw angle that saw Lesnar decimating Rhodes's left arm backstage before applying the Kimura Lock on Rhodes in the ring.

Nash commented, "They continue to put Rhodes in these situations where forgive me, he was a decent high school wrestler. But he's neither an NCAA Champion nor a UFC Champion." Nash further critiqued the storyline's perceived lack of realism.

Questioning the rationale behind Rhodes being medically cleared to face Lesnar despite the alleged injury, he asked, “Who is clearing these guys medically for these angles? It's ridiculous. That’s what is wrong with it." In the most recent development on Raw, Rhodes retorted that Lesnar might have been beastly enough to fracture his arm but lacked the courage to make him submit. He then threw down the gauntlet for a rematch, implying that a refusal from Lesnar would reveal his fear of Rhodes.

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