CM Punk's Potential Major Rivalry, AEW Insider Chatter on Punk-Ace Steel Dynamics


CM Punk's Potential Major Rivalry, AEW Insider Chatter on Punk-Ace Steel Dynamics

The professional wrestling scene is abuzz with the imminent return of one of its most enigmatic characters, CM Punk, to the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster. Set for Saturday, June 17, at the live premiere of Collision in Chicago, the anticipation for Punk's reappearance is electrifying.

There has been a considerable shift in attitudes since the shocking All Out incident last year, a tumultuous event that led to murmurs of potential departures from a handful of wrestlers. However, according to Fightful Select's recent report, the atmosphere has significantly calmed, with no evident indication of any such walkouts coinciding with Punk's return.

AEW officials have shown strategic acumen by implementing measures to mitigate any lingering animosity or potential conflicts. The brand split between Dynamite and Collision is a part of these efforts, ensuring that talents with unresolved issues are kept apart.

This move is not only seen as beneficial for internal harmony but also for the overall brand image.

Ace Steel's Anticipated AEW Return

In a promising twist to this narrative, the comeback of CM Punk will also herald the return of Ace Steel, former AEW Producer, who was part of the collateral damage post the All Out incident in 2022.

Opinion on Steel's role in the saga is split; some believe his presence exacerbated the situation, while others argue that his skills as a creative force and coach have been undervalued. Before the All Out debacle, Steel was perceived as a critical component of the AEW innovative team.

There were theoretical discussions about a possible storyline feud between Punk and Chris Jericho. As of now, there is yet to be a definitive confirmation about this plot. Conversely, the projected program between Punk and current Ring of Honor (ROH) World Television Champion Samoa Joe is on track, suggesting a revival of their famous independent circuit rivalry.

A new development has also surfaced: Punk appears to have developed an admiration for the craft of Jay White. This could potentially lead to White being one of the early opponents for Punk in his return stint. Moreover, Punk's interactions with Bullet Club Gold members, White and Juice Robinson, are another subplot to watch for in this grand wrestling narrative.

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