Natalya Reveals Ideal Venue for Farewell Match

Edge's comeback fuels discussions on ideal wrestling career endings

by Noman Rasool
Natalya Reveals Ideal Venue for Farewell Match

In the world of professional wrestling, the ideal ending is often elusive. Many performers do not have the privilege of dictating the when and where of their final bout, a reality that makes the few perfect career send-offs all the more extraordinary.

WWE superstar Natalya recently explored this sentiment in an in-depth interview with the Toronto Sun, sharing her dream scenario for her ultimate match. "When the time comes for the curtains to close on my career, there would be no location more fitting than Calgary," Natalya expressed.

She hasn't announced any imminent retirement plans but indulged in the speculation, sending a hopeful message to the 'wrestling gods' about her preferred farewell location. The recent disclosure from Edge initiated this conversation with another esteemed WWE performer about his aspiration to have his final wrestling match in his hometown of Toronto.

Many wrestlers, Edge included, have not been fortunate enough to conclude their careers on their terms. Nevertheless, after Edge's remarkable return to the ring in 2020, he has been offered a second chance to script a more fitting end to his distinguished career.

Natalya Echoes Wrestlers' Retirement Dream

Acknowledging this shared desire among wrestlers, Natalya said, "For every wrestler, I believe, the dream is to handpick their ending, to determine the day they want to step away or retire." Having the autonomy to choose their final stand in the ring is a shared vision among performers in this high-octane sport.

However, it's essential to note that Natalya's wishful choice of Calgary is not just about personal preference but also a homage to her family's legacy. Hailing from the Hart wrestling family, Natalya's professional roots are deeply embedded in Calgary.

Having her final bout in Calgary would encapsulate not just her journey but the rich history of the Hart dynasty. As fans, we can only hope that Natalya and many of her fellow performers are granted their wishes. After years of exhilarating entertainment and untold sacrifices, the choice to say goodbye in their chosen way and place is a fitting tribute to their contributions to the sport.

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