Ex-Champ's Undefeated WWE SmackDown Streak Ends


Ex-Champ's Undefeated WWE SmackDown Streak Ends

In a surprising turn of events during this week's WWE SmackDown, Montez Ford, a robust contender, faced off against LA Knight in a crucial Money in the Bank qualifying match. Ford, exhibiting dominance in the ring for months, was portrayed as the villain throughout the match.

This apparent antipathy towards Ford was augmented by the WWE Universe's palpable anticipation and support for Knight, a wrestler who has been hotly tipped to win the coveted Money in the Bank ladder match for some time now.

Ford's Undefeated Streak Shattered

The match climaxed when Ford missed his trademark Frog Splash, a miscalculation that gave Knight an opportune moment. Exploiting the situation, Knight quickly rolled up Montez and used the ropes for leverage to secure his victory.

With this win, Knight proved his mettle and earned his place alongside Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura in the highly anticipated Money in the Bank ladder match. This defeat marked a significant event in Ford's wrestling career, halting his undefeated streak.

It was his first defeat since March 20th, when Austin Theory had bested him during an episode of RAW. Since then, the former Tag Team Champion has been on an impressive winning streak, further intensified by his partnership with Angelo Dawkins.

Both Ford and Dawkins have been remarkable in their performances, making Ford's prospect of qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match this year appear promising. The recent events have spurred a flurry of speculation among wrestling enthusiasts.

There are whispers that Ford and Angelo Dawkins, who has been a formidable tag team for years as The Street Profits, may be on the brink of parting ways. If these rumors are accurate, they could dramatically change the dynamics of their careers and the WWE tag team division as a whole. Yet, for now, these remain unconfirmed speculations in the ever-evolving world of WWE.