WWE Schedules Big International Event for September


WWE Schedules Big International Event for September
WWE Schedules Big International Event for September

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is gearing up for another significant international showcase this year, with a potential date already secured. Building on its phenomenal successes in 2023, WWE continues to create a buzz in the global wrestling arena with its live events.

This year has been remarkable for WWE's Premium Live Event business, launching with the record-breaking Royal Rumble in San Antonio. The electrifying atmosphere intensified with an equally enthusiastic crowd at the Elimination Chamber in Montreal.

WrestleMania 39: A Historic Spectacle

The crescendo was further built with the two-night spectacular WrestleMania 39 at Los Angeles's SoFi Stadium. This historic event drew in a staggering over 75,000 spectators each night.

This momentous run continued with Backlash in Puerto Rico, a resounding success amplified by the participation of the famous artist Bad Bunny. Fans and pundits have hailed this event as one of the most fervently celebrated in WWE history.

Last Saturday, WWE made an impressive mark with its first Saudi Arabian event of the year, Night of Champions in Jeddah, further cementing its global appeal and success. Citing the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, discussions are currently underway within WWE to host its first major show in India in years, potentially earmarked for September 9th.

Interestingly, this date is a Saturday and falls just a day before the NFL regular season kicks off on Sunday, September 10th. Although confirmation is still pending on whether it will be a Premium Live Event, it seems highly probable, especially considering WWE CEO Nick Khan's previous revelation about the company's intentions to hold an event in India in September.

Earlier this year, plans were underway to host a WWE event at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad, India, but it was put on hold. The reason for the delay, according to sources, was WWE's decision to allow TV companies to finalize a merger. Now, with the potential of a significant show in India, WWE looks set to continue its international expansion.