Madi Wrenkowski Eyes WWE Debut, Eager to Face Rhea Ripley


Madi Wrenkowski Eyes WWE Debut, Eager to Face Rhea Ripley
Madi Wrenkowski Eyes WWE Debut, Eager to Face Rhea Ripley

Making waves in various wrestling circuits like AEW, ROH, and NWA, Madi Wrenkowski has swiftly ascended to become a highly sought-after free agent in the wrestling world. As her stock rises, many wonders if she's considering anchoring herself to one promotion.

During her recent interview on "The A2theK Wrestling Show," she addressed these speculations, expressing a particular interest in WWE. "Certainly, my options are all wide open," Wrenkowski candidly shared. "If the right opportunity arose and the conditions aligned, I would commit myself to one company.

And yes, if such an opportunity came from WWE, I'd be more than thrilled. Despite some negativity that occasionally surrounds it, it's WWE that ignited our passion for this sport. So, I greatly respect the company, especially with influential figures like William Regal and Triple H contributing to its output."

Wrenkowski's Potential WWE Synergy

Wrenkowski envisages that she could make a significant impact in WWE.

She feels she'd particularly click with Chelsea Green, who has recently taken on a "Karen" persona on-screen. She expressed optimism about the exciting matches they could create together, given the chance. Interestingly, Wrenkowski also suggested a compelling storyline with the current "SmackDown" Women's Champion, Rhea Ripley.

"I'd love to be outmatched by Rhea Ripley in the ring," she admitted her idea outlining an unusual match stipulation. "The rule would be that I could leverage rope breaks while she couldn't. Essentially, I'd be holding onto that rope for dear life." Wrenkowski may eventually secure a full-time contract with WWE or any other promotion.

However, she has consistently showcased her prowess in the National Wrestling Alliance, where she currently shares the NWA Women's Tag Team Championship. Her steady rise intrigues the wrestling community as everyone watches to see which ring she'll choose as her long-term home.

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