WWE Imposes Clauses on AEW Event Arenas


WWE Imposes Clauses on AEW Event Arenas
WWE Imposes Clauses on AEW Event Arenas

In the relentless tug-of-war between World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for the devotion of professional wrestling fans, WWE has employed an innovative strategy. The wrestling giant has implemented a particular clause in contracts with arenas frequented by its burgeoning rival.

Since its inception in January 2019, AEW has made strides in captivating audiences across the United States and Canada. Their flagship television program, Dynamite, launched in October 2019 and regularly broadcasts live on Wednesday nights.

A second weekly television show, Collision, is set to premiere from Chicago's United Center on June 17th. This addition to their programming lineup will primarily air live on Saturday nights, although a Thursday night taping is on the horizon for this month.

WWE's Extensive Broadcasting Schedule

In contrast, with a considerably more extensive operation, WWE broadcasts Raw Live on Mondays and Smackdown Live on Fridays. Moreover, WWE maintains a year-round schedule of weekend live events, or Premium Live Events, an endeavor in which AEW has only recently dipped its toes, albeit less frequently.

This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, penned by Dave Meltzer, shed light on an intriguing clause introduced by WWE to arenas that AEW may use for their shows. Meltzer observed, "In arenas that rent to both AEW and WWE, WWE has added clauses to its contracts stipulating that AEW cannot host a show a certain number of weeks before or after a WWE event.

Furthermore, neither AEW nor the venue can publicize the event or begin ticket sales until after the WWE show." This tactic may be interpreted as WWE flexing its muscle over the relatively fledgling AEW. But given WWE's four decades of globally running shows, it possesses a degree of leverage that AEW, a mere four-year-old company, lacks.

This clause exemplifies the creative measures WWE is deploying to maintain its dominance in professional wrestling entertainment.


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