Ronda Rousey Insisted on Tag Team with Shayna Baszler, WWE Confirms

New developments emerge in the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship.

by Noman Rasool
Ronda Rousey Insisted on Tag Team with Shayna Baszler, WWE Confirms

Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, two titans of the wrestling world, recently clinched the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship titles last Monday night. This was an achievement that many had anticipated for some time. Previous reports suggested that the duo, both trailblazers in mixed martial arts, would have taken home the belts at WrestleMania 39 if not for a training injury that Rousey suffered.

Shayna Baszler, while speaking on the Cheap Heat podcast, revealed an intriguing backstory to their alliance. According to her, the formation of their tag team would not have come into existence if not for Rousey's persistence and unwavering dedication toward their shared goal.

"Ronda is an indomitable force," Baszler affirmed. "She's been at the pinnacle; she headlined WrestleMania, and every time we step into the ring, the cheers for her are deafening. The establishment of our tag team was something she insisted upon.

We had persistently requested it, and after numerous delays from WWE management, Ronda stood her ground." Baszler continued, denying that the team may have materialized with Rousey's determined stance. "I was not yet considered on par with Ronda, and it took her saying, 'Enough.

I've reached the top; I want to take on this new challenge.' That was instrumental."

Rousey Champions Women's Wrestling Division

Rousey's passion for empowering the Women's Tag Team Championship and the women's division has been a recurrent theme in recent discussions.

Despite Rousey's strong advocacy, her criticisms haven't always been well-received by fans. Baszler, however, firmly defends her partner, stating that Rousey's motivations are genuinely altruistic. "Love or despise her, Ronda attracts attention," Baszler stated.

"That's her trademark, and it was the same during her MMA days. But people must realize this tag team became a reality because she stood her ground. She partnered with me, her friend, putting our collective success over individual glory.

In the world of show business, that's a rare and commendable trait." Their partnership, built on mutual respect and a shared vision, promises to bring new energy to the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. With Rousey's demand for care in the women's division, the future of WWE might be heading in a direction worth watching.

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