Tribal Chief's Downfall: WWE Universe Predicts The Bloodline Betrayal


Tribal Chief's Downfall: WWE Universe Predicts The Bloodline Betrayal

The WWE Universe is buzzing after the latest SmackDown episode, wherein the formidable Bloodline stable experienced a fracture during Roman Reigns' much-anticipated 1000-day celebration. With Jimmy Uso's recent takedown by Solo Sikoa, a fissure in the alliance has undeniably emerged.

This has led fans to speculate about a more profound betrayal: The Enforcer and Paul Heyman may soon turn against Reigns. Solo Sikoa burst onto the main roster last year, immediately cementing his allegiance to The Bloodline.

He proved himself a steadfast supporter of Reigns during the WWE Clash at The Castle 2022, where he backed Reigns against Drew McIntyre ever since Sikoa has remained a stalwart disciple of The Tribal Chief, his loyalty unquestionable.

Anticipated Betrayal in The Bloodline

However, after the tumultuous events of the last SmackDown, the WWE Universe is bracing for an upheaval. Fans posit that The Enforcer might soon step away from Reigns' towering influence, with Paul Heyman, a seasoned strategist, also expected to leave Reigns' side.

The objective? To establish Solo Sikoa as an independent, rising star. This speculation dovetails with a popular fan theory predicting Reigns' downfall, leaving him bereft of his family and title. In this narrative, Sikoa, armed with Heyman's guidance, could emerge as WWE's next sensation.

Earlier this year, tensions rose within The Bloodline as Reigns and Sikoa were at odds with The Usos following Jimmy and Jey's failure to neutralize the Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens threat. The Usos' subsequent loss of their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships to Zayn and Owens at WrestleMania 39 deepened the rift.

The Usos' unsuccessful bid to reclaim their title further embarrassed The Bloodline. After this defeat, Reigns and Sikoa were slated to challenge Zayn and Owens for the Night of Champions 2023 title. However, the event was marred by Jimmy Uso's unexpected superkick on Reigns, costing them the championship.

Adding to the dramatic events, Jimmy Uso sought reconciliation with The Bloodline during Reigns' celebration but was rejected. The tension culminated in Solo Sikoa's symbolic strike on Jimmy and his departure with Reigns and Heyman.

As anticipation mounts ahead of Money in the Bank 2023, the WWE Universe eagerly awaits how this saga of betrayal, ambition, and power plays out within the fractured Bloodline.

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