Sami Zayn's Remarks on Saudi Arabia Absence Omitted from WWE Podcast


Sami Zayn's Remarks on Saudi Arabia Absence Omitted from WWE Podcast
Sami Zayn's Remarks on Saudi Arabia Absence Omitted from WWE Podcast

Sami Zayn made a higher expected return to WWE's Saudi Arabia shows at the recent WWE Night of Champions premium live event, marking his first appearance since the promotion's 10-year contract with the royal family was inked back in 2018.

In an entire episode of the "After the Bell" podcast, hosted by Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick and available on Spotify, Zayn, a Muslim of Syrian descent, took the opportunity to discuss his experience in Jeddah. However, the original version of the podcast episode underwent a surprising alteration later in the day, with Zayn's remarks about his absence from previous Saudi shows being removed.

According to the transcript from the initial podcast release, Zayn addressed the widespread speculation surrounding his previous absences, stating, "First of all, the fact that I haven't been there in a few years and that there's been so much speculation as to why I'm not going and what's the political reasoning, this and that.

I won't get into all of it, but I'll tell you that 99.9% of what you've read online about this subject is completely fabricated; people assume things and then run with those assumptions and add to them. It's wild. Anytime they can't get a concrete answer, that's what tends to happen.

I think that's like human nature, almost. It's been years since I've been back to the Middle East. I think the last time I was, there was [2016] in Dubai, possibly, so it's been a little while."

Sami Zayn Sets the Record Straight

Zayn's candid statement aimed to dispel the misconceptions and rumors surrounding his absence from past Saudi shows.

While refraining from providing explicit details, he vehemently rejected the prevailing assumptions and emphasized that most online speculation was entirely baseless. Zayn intended to shed light on the tendency for people to create narratives when faced with uncertainty, highlighting the human inclination to fill in the gaps with assumptions.

He also revealed that it had been several years since he last visited the Middle East, with his possible last visit dating back to 2016 in Dubai. Sami Zayn's return to the WWE Saudi Arabia shows signifies a significant moment in his career and provides a platform for open dialogue and dispelling misconceptions.

While the revised version of the podcast episode raises questions about removing Zayn's comments, his original statement is a testament to his commitment to transparency and his desire to offer fans an authentic glimpse into his journey.

By addressing the rampant speculation, Zayn aims to promote a more accurate understanding among his fans and encourage them to approach the subject discerningly.

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