Kamille Targets Record-Breaking 760+ Day NWA Women's Championship Reign


Kamille Targets Record-Breaking 760+ Day NWA Women's Championship Reign

Wrestling sensation and NWA Women's Champion Kamille recently set her sights on surpassing June Byers' legendary 760-day title reign. This ambitious goal was revealed in an exclusive interview with esteemed journalist Denise Salcedo, where Kamille shared her aspirations and reflections on her burgeoning career.

The acclaimed champion, who quickly rose to prominence after only three or four matches with the NWA, expressed surprise at her success. She confessed, "When I first won the title, it felt unreal. I secretly set a personal goal for myself.

I wanted to hold the title for a year." She kept this aspiration a closely guarded secret, not even confiding in her husband, primarily to balance her professional and personal life.

Kamille's Ascent: Inspired by Legends

What began as a modest personal aspiration soon turned into a remarkable journey as Kamille continued to defy odds and expectations.

As her one-year reign transitioned into an impressive nearly two-year tenure, Kamille drew inspiration from June Byers, a wrestling legend known for her single command of 760 days, who also happens to be featured in an upcoming movie about Mildred Burke's life.

"The movie sparked my curiosity, and I started learning more about June Byers," Kamille said. "It then occurred that surpassing Byers' reign would put me among the top five all-time NWA Women's Championship reigns. That is my current goal." However, Kamille also acknowledged the immediate challenges ahead.

Her upcoming encounter with Natalia Markova at the Crockett Cup is crucial to achieving the two-year reign milestone. "Before setting my sights on the third and fourth years, I need to tackle the challenge Natalia poses successfully," she emphasized.

"I approach this journey in year increments, always looking to what's next." In a world where wrestling careers can be as fleeting as they are intense, Kamille's determination and ambition are testaments to her professional dedication and personal grit. The wrestling world watches with anticipation and excitement as she continues pursuing record-breaking success.