Road Dogg: Michael Cole, WWE's New Jim Ross, 'The Voice' of This Generation


Road Dogg: Michael Cole, WWE's New Jim Ross, 'The Voice' of This Generation

Brian "Road Dogg" James, WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events, has recently admired the veteran wrestling commentator Michael Cole. The professional wrestling world should offer more recognition for Cole's contributions to the industry.

Road Dogg Joins the Ranks, Hailing Michael Cole as WWE's New Jim Ross

Cole recognized as the long-standing vocal signature of WWE, has often asserted that there's much more work to accomplish in his career. However, this has continued the influx of commendations from notable figures in the industry.

Among such acknowledgments, luminaries like Renee Paquette and Jim Ross have expressed profound admiration for Cole. In his recent "Oh... You Didn't Know" podcast, Road Dogg joined these ranks, lauding Cole and drawing comparisons between him and the iconic Jim Ross.

"He's still here today, still doing it, and doing it better," remarked James. "I'd venture to say he is this generation's, Jim Ross... Michael Cole is the real deal. He is undeniably the voice of the WWE." Yet, amidst these accolades, James couldn't resist a nostalgic reflection on their initial work together.

He recounted a humorous episode from the past involving himself, his New Age Outlaws teammate Billy Gunn, X-Pac, and a very unsuspecting Cole. In those early days, the trio was enlisted to participate in a super soaker commercial.

The directive was clear-cut: refrain from shooting Cole in the face. Cole, a novice then, had his makeup fully prepared and a spare set of clothes on standby. However, his face was off-limits. The directive proved too tempting for James and his cohorts.

"Michael Cole, fresh into his first week, was part of the commercial with us," James reminisced. "They cautioned us, 'Under no circumstances should you aim for his face.' X-Pac glanced at me, smirking, 'So, we're aiming for his face, right?' I responded affirmatively, 'You bet!'" Following this incident, James revealed that X-Pac has repeatedly apologized to Cole for their light-hearted transgression. Despite their bad start, mutual respect has ultimately defined their professional relationship.

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