Teddy Long: WWE Locker Room Unanimously Supports Shane McMahon

WWE Legend Teddy Long praises Shane McMahon's backstage rapport.

by Atia Mukhtar
Teddy Long: WWE Locker Room Unanimously Supports Shane McMahon

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long has spoken out about the backstage perception of Shane McMahon, revealing that nobody in the WWE locker room had any issues with him. Long, known for his tenure as a WWE manager and authority figure, admired McMahon's work ethic and dedication to improving his in-ring skills.

During an interview on "Sportskeeda WrestleBinge's" "The Wrestling Time Machine" show, Long addressed the topic of how WWE Superstars felt about McMahon's in-ring ability and whether there was any jealousy regarding the opportunities he received as the boss's son.

Long emphatically stated, "It was never like that — you got to understand one thing, this is the boss's son. And the other thing, Shane McMahon worked his butt off. He got in there, he took bumps and got injuries, and everything.

I mean backstage, he was one of the boys."

Shane McMahon's Likability Unites WWE

According to Long, McMahon's likable personality and genuine camaraderie endeared him to the entire WWE roster. I have long described him as someone who knew how to connect with others and have a good time.

As a result, no one had any problem with him. Long added, "Shane knew how to present himself to everybody, so everybody liked Shane." Long also had praise for McMahon's sister, Stephanie, noting that she, too, treated everyone with kindness and respect.

The siblings' positive reputation in the backstage environment further contributed to the lack of hate towards Shane. During his time with WWE, Shane McMahon wrestled frequently and engaged in high-profile matches against notable opponents such as The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, and Kevin Owens.

However, his most recent appearance at WrestleMania ended in an unexpected injury during an impromptu match against The Miz. Teddy Long's perspective sheds light on the backstage perception of Shane McMahon and highlights the respect and admiration he garnered from his peers within the WWE locker room.

McMahon's hard work and ability to connect with others undoubtedly played a significant role in fostering positive relationships and minimizing potential resentment.

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