WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Michael Cole – “Our Generation’s Jim Ross


WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Michael Cole – “Our Generation’s Jim Ross
WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Michael Cole – “Our Generation’s Jim Ross

Recently, the WWE community has seen high accolades bestowed on Smackdown's premier announcer, Michael Cole, by none other than a revered member of the WWE Hall of Fame. This recognition is far from unearned for those unfamiliar with Cole's illustrious 26-year history with the WWE.

Michael Cole's journey with WWE commenced in the mid-90s when he commenced his role as a backstage interviewer. His articulate style and magnetic screen presence swiftly earned him sporadic opportunities to call matches. As the dawn of the 2000s approached, Cole's undeniable talents saw him ascend to become the primary voice on Smackdown, our much-loved play-by-play narrator.

Cole's Ascendancy in Broadcasting

In the waning years of the 2000s and continuing through the 2010s, Cole expanded his presence, masterfully assuming the lead play-by-play role on the globally recognized Monday Night Raw.

Cole's reach and influence were recognized universally across WWE's wide-spanning broadcasts. October 2019 marked a significant shift in WWE's broadcast strategy. With Smackdown's move to FOX and its subsequent rise as the most-viewed WWE TV show worldwide, it was only fitting that WWE returned Cole to his roots.

As the 'Voice of WWE,' Cole's vocal mastery was needed to amplify the largest platform in the WWE universe. Beyond his pivotal role in Smackdown, Cole's unmistakable voice enhances the excitement of WWE Premium Live Events.

Powerhouse fixtures such as WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, and SummerSlam, all benefit from his unmatched announcing skills, usually paired with the insightful Corey Graves. WWE Hall of Famer, Road Dogg, lavished praise on Cole in a recent episode of his podcast, "Oh… You Didn't Know." He likened Cole's influence and prowess to another legendary figure, the beloved Jim Ross, asserting that Cole is faithful, "our generation's Jim Ross…Michael Cole's the deal.

He's the voice of the WWE, no doubt." Though some fans may resist drawing parallels between Cole and JR, there is no denying Cole's remarkable tenure within WWE. Furthermore, his role as Senior Producer for announcers allows him to shape the commentary team and make pivotal decisions regarding new hires or potential departures.

Michael Cole's impressive legacy continues to shape the audible landscape of WWE, ensuring its future is in capable hands.

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